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Wake Up Retreat for BIPOC Folks

An in-person retreat for BIPOC individuals

Aware that People of Color, as individuals and communities, may have similar lived experiences, including of intended and unintended discrimination, we provide circle sharing groups offered by an experienced facilitator, in which People of Color can express themselves freely and feel safer. It is reserved for People of Color only, in order to cultivate an environment that can support our individual and collective transformation and healing.

Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet

7 week course: 3-7 hours per week, combination of self-paced content and live events.

Do you have a deep sense of care for the Earth, and want to find ways to bring mindfulness to your climate response? This new online journey harnesses the wisdom of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh to teach us how to face challenging feelings and create a sense of freedom and possibility. It is designed to empower the human resilience we need to face our current situation.