2023 Annual Report

ordinary magic

2023 Annual Report

honoring another year of deeply impacting hundreds of teens through our life-changing programs

it’s all about perspective

Last year was a ‘normal’ year for Inward Bound Mindfulness. With the help of nurturing families and our incredible retreat staff, we welcomed hundreds of courageous teens on retreat. Deep bonds were made. Meaningful insights were uncovered. Tender truths were shared. New qualities of personal and community wellbeing were experienced.

It’s a good sign when the extraordinary becomes ordinary. It’s also a time to remember and honor the special world our community creates, while holding compassion for the many environments that fall short in supporting the wellbeing of young people.

On behalf of our entire community, especially our teens, thank you to all our donors and partners for being a supporter of and advocate for young people’s healthy minds and compassionate hearts. Please enjoy all the ‘ordinary magic’ below that filled our last year.

In Gratitude,
Inward Bound Collaborative Leadership Team

teens sharing their truth through art

The support I received was something otherworldly, I felt so safe and seen, and loved every bit of it.

— teen on retreat

New Brand

new brand

After 2+ years of research, collaboration, and implementation, we completed a brand refresh with a renewed name, a fresh look, and a new website.

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Kentucky Teen Retreat


As part of our strategic commitment to return to regions served pre-pandemic, we gratefully hosted our first Kentucky Teen Retreat since 2019.

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Young Adults

young adults

For the first time since March 2020, we offered an in-person young adult retreat (ages 18–32) over winter break in southwestern Virginia.

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teacher training

Our fourth yearlong cohort included a scholarship fund for BIPOC individuals and for professionals working within disenfranchised communities.

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Testimonial by teen on retreat

People listened to me and talked to me like never before. That’ll stay with me for a long time.

teen on retreat

Testimonial by teen on retreat

I learned that I can overcome mental challenges, even if it's a long process or a hard one, and that I can live life to the fullest while sober.

teen on retreat

Testimonial by parent of teen on retreat

Our son said goodbye to teens and adults and in almost every instance he and the other person really LOOKED at each other and said goodbye in a deliberate way. It was amazing to watch.

parent of teen on retreat

Testimonial by teen on retreat

One of the safest spaces I've ever been in, absolutely wonderful. I learned how to focus on the present, and that it's okay to not be okay.

teen on retreat


As the crisis in youth mental health grows, our rare programs continue to be a life-changing experience for hundreds of young people each year, with each teen on retreat receiving approximately 100 hours of unparalleled instruction and support on their journey to create healthier inner and outer worlds.

teen retreat evaluations

93% of teens

agreed or strongly agreed that their retreat experience will support positive mental health outcomes for them

87% of teens

replied 8 or higher when asked, 'on a scale from 1-10, how supported did you feel in challenging/difficult moments?' (low score was 6)

91% of teens

agreed or strongly agreed that they would continue to practice meditation at home

96% of teens

agreed or strongly agreed that they would recommend Inward Bound retreats to a friend

91% of teens

said that they would come on another retreat if given the opportunity


Last year, we provided a record amount of scholarships in response to the economic hardships faced by our participants’s families. This corresponded to a decrease in program service revenue. Additionally, inflation contributed to the increased cost of running retreats (+9%), and a decrease in grassroots and mid-level donations (-16%). Notably, our Custom Programs exceeded expectations, with projected revenue surpassing our FY23 goal by an impressive 180%, underscoring the value and demand for these offerings.

Together, these factors resulted in a relatively small net loss; however, we are pleased to report that despite these challenges, our overall financial health has stabilized, showing our resilience and adaptability and providing a solid foundation for future growth and development.

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