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teen retreat alumni

Our beloved community grows when we all nurture it together. Explore the actions below to see how you can support our work and get involved. Have some other ideas? Let us know!

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speakers bureau

The Inward Bound Speakers Bureau is an assembly of passionate & diverse teen & young adult members within our community who want to build out their communications skills, public speaking, and leadership experience as speakers for Inward Bound.

Speakers will be advocates for mindfulness practice, how mindfulness has impacted them, and for Inward Bound’s unique programs and retreats. Speakers Bureau member activities may include:

  • Planning and participating in teen & young adult co-led information sessions and workshops
  • Serving as panelists for youth-centered programming, internally and/or with partner organizations
  • Facilitating or presenting at workshops or conferences
  • Participating in conversations with journalists reporting on the field of mindfulness and/or relevant youth-centered topics

Speakers Bureau members will receive a stipend for any program or other activity they participate in.

If you’d like to be considered, please take a moment to complete and submit the form below. Or, if you prefer, you can record your responses (video or audio), and email your recording to Nikki Cistac ([email protected]). Thank you for your interest!


youth advisory committee

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) holds responsibility for advising all other committees with the voice of youth within the organization. The YAC offers input and feedback on decisions that are made in the realms of programs, marketing, and community engagement with the goal of centering youth experience at Inward Bound.

If you’d like to be considered for the YAC, please email Nikki Cistac ([email protected]).

current YAC members

share our programs

Hearing about our programs from a trusted friend is a great way for teens to learn about mindfulness retreats. If you had a transformative experience on retreat and want to share it, we welcome your story. Find us on social media and tag us in your post – we would love to re-share! We also welcome you to re-share any of our posts and stories, too. Thank you!